On a dark night in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, five expatriate staff of a foreign oil company were snatched from a oilrig in a daring attack carried out by a militant group. Fearing this was no ordinary kidnapping incident, the company contracted a foreign investigator and former SAS man, Emeka Adeyinka to find their men.
Just hours after he arrived in the country, he found out the kidnapping and the lawlessness in parts of the region went deeper than he’d ever expected. He was caught within a tight mix of corrupt security officers and powerful militants who all had very little regard for human life.
To succeed and return home alive, he had to call-in all the investigative and combat skills he’d ever learnt.

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With terrorist attacks raging unabated across the country and the security forces out of their depth, the Nigerian President decides to form a special taskforce to stop the attacks.

A reluctant private investigator and former British SAS man, Emeka Adeyinka is contracted to lead a small group of men selected from the country’s security forces. But they didn’t know the terrorists had already put in motion an attack that would rock the country to its foundations. It became a race against time to stop the terrorists from carrying out their deadly plans.
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